Welcome to Thunder In the Valley Games

Save the date! 2024 will be at Bridgeport High School, May 31st - June 2nd!

On behalf of Michigan Sports Unlimited and all our sponsors it is with great pleasure that we are able to offer our Fourteenth annual Thunder in the Valley Games to disabled Athletes. long_jump_-_june_04_2011

It is a pleasure to invite you to our Fourteenth year of many annual games to come. We are again working with Move United  (ASUSA)formerly (WASUSA) and will be a sanctioned event.

We are working hard in planning for your arrival. All the coordinators involved in our games want you to come here and have a chance to excel in your sport and feel like you want to return as one of your annual events. We have the use of Bridgeport high school this year and think you will be impressed with what we have to offer you. Please see our accommodations section on the web site for hotel suggestions.

Also check us out on Facebook to view photos of past events and see other info,

This year we will be offering the following events and will try to grow from this every year:


Clinics & More

Please put our event on your calendar and send in your application as soon as possible. Also keep an eye on our web site for Clinics, events and schedule updates. We sure look forward to your participation in the Thunder in the Valley Games and are sure you will have a great time while here in Michigan!


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